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Accessibility Statement

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill Accessibility Statement

Due to the historic and natural features of Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, accessibility to guests with physical disabilities can be challenging. In order to provide the best possible experience to all guests, Shaker Village strives to accommodate guests with disabilities by providing alternative experiences, including several tour programs, demonstrations and exhibits that are accessible to everyone. With advance notice, we will make every effort to respond to special needs.

Our goal is to provide as much information as possible to guests before their visit to Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. Shaker Village is a 3,000 acre property, and historic buildings are spread throughout the grounds. The terrain is often rough, and the village has many uneven limestone sidewalks and gravel paths. All of the restored 19th century buildings have from two to 10, or more, steps, and no elevators are available. Because of the sizable nature of the property, parking (even Handicapped spaces) is at a distance from building entrances.

Please review the following information. If you have additional questions about accessibility or special needs, please call 800.734.5611, ext. 1568 or email education@shakervillageky.org.

Wheelchair and Walker Accessible Activities & Buildings


  • Trustees' Office Dining Room (lift on side of building – Please use the call button beside the lift or  have someone in your party notify the hostess that you need to use the lift)


  • Carpenters' Shop Craft Store (ramp on side of the building)

Village Tour

  • Dixie Belle riverboat cruises (weather permitting, admission fee is required for all)
  • Shaker Life Exhibit in East Family Dwelling cellar
  • Centre Family Dwelling cellar with exhibits
  • Farm & Garden area and demonstrations and talks
  • Village tour map – showing images of buildings with descriptions of their historic uses

Meeting Rooms

  • Meeting Areas A and B (lift on side of West Lot building)


  • Public Restrooms (near Welcome Pavilion, Shaker Life Exhibit and Trustees' Office)

Services for Guests with Disabilities

  • Guests who use wheelchairs or walkers are not charged village tour admission. However, please visit the ticket sales area to obtain a complimentary ticket for admission.
  • With prior notice, a certified hearing interpreter can be provided for guests with a hearing impairment. Please call 800.734.5611, ext. 1568 more than two weeks prior to your visit to request this service.
  • Two wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Wheelchairs are stored at the Welcome Pavilion. Please see Welcome Pavilion or Carpenters' Shop Craft Store staff to obtain a wheelchair. No other modes of transportation are available.
  • Music performances and some crafts demonstrations may be moved outside for the benefit of guests who use wheelchairs or walkers (weather permitting). Please speak to a staff member during your visit to request this service.
  • Dining room servers are available to read menus to guests who have a vision disability.

Wheelchair and Walker Inaccessible Activities & Buildings (with steps)

The Inn at Shaker Village

  • Inn guest rooms (four rooms in the West Family Sister's Shop are accessible by 2 steps, these are the closest rooms to ground level available)
  • No elevators are available. Many guest rooms are located on the second, third and fourth floors of historic buildings. Some stairways are narrow.


  • Winter Kitchen (open January 2 through mid-February) 12 steps


  • Post Office Craft Store – 4 steps

Village Tour

  • Centre Family Dwelling Floors 1, 2 and 3 – 10 steps into first floor
  • East Family Sister's Shop - 6 steps
  • East Family Brethren's Shop - 2 steps
  • East Family Wash House - 2 steps
  • Cooper's Shop - 2 steps
  • Meeting House (music programs) - 11 steps
  • Horse-drawn wagon rides

Meeting Rooms

  • Meeting Area C – 2 steps to enter building; the only restrooms are on the 2nd floor.
  • Meeting Area D – 2 sets of stairs to access meeting area.