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About Us
Our Mission
The mission of Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, a non-profit corporation, is to preserve and maintain the site of the Shaker community which once existed here; to protect its buildings, its countryside and the records and articles pertaining to its builders; to make these buildings and grounds available for the broader uses of culture, education and recreation benefiting the citizens of Kentucky and others who visit the Commonwealth.
Our Vision
Here, history and hospitality will come together to offer experiences our guests will want to enjoy again and again. Our authentic identity will create genuine feelings of belonging through meaningful connections to history, a refreshing closeness to nature, and simple moments of peace. We will make memories as lasting as the Shaker story itself.
Our Purpose
We will create advocates for the preservation of Shaker Village by building lasting relationships with guests, partners and donors.
Officers of the Board

Elizabeth Kennan Burns, Chair
Watts Humphrey, Vice Chair
Richard C. Stephenson, Secretary
Edward S. Barr, Treasurer

Management Staff

Maynard Crossland, President and CEO
Jennifer S. Broadwater, Vice President of Marketing and Development
Anne Frazier, CPA, Chief Financial Officer
David F. Larson, Vice President of Retail Operations
Brenda Roseman, Executive Assistant